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TOUR 2022

LIVE SHOW - Cover band

ALL THIS SONGS WAS RECORDED on July 30-31, 2022 at the Elrodeo (Rodéo du camion) in Notre-Dame du Nord, QC, for the LIVE SHOW with cover band Landy Rose.


For this show, I was the replacement drummer at two days notice, no rehearsal, no score  and I had never played these songs before with this band.

P.S. The audio-video recording of these songs was made with an iPhone, located in the center of the crowd

Video - Live Show no.1 - Sweet Child'O Mine (cover)

Video - Live Show no.3 - Try - P!NK (cover)

Video - Live Show no.2 - Edge of Seventeen (cover)

Video - Live Show no.4 - I Love Rock n Roll (cover)

Video - Live Show no.5 - Left Outside Alone (cover)

Video - Live Show no.7 - Were not Gonna Take it (cover)

Video - Live Show no.6 - Dance Monkey (cover)

Video - Live Show no.8 - You Shook (cover)


RECORDING - Cover Songs


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