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 Musician - Drummer - Composer - Producer


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About me

Patrick St.Georges, Montreal Quebec, Canada.

ongwriter, performer, sound designer, audio technician, Pat is a multi-instrumentalist and plays drums, piano, synthesizers, bass and he is also a singer.

Born into a family of musicians, his father gave him his first guitar at the age of five, and taught him piano and musical theory. I discovered the drums at the age of 8 and then I started taking lessons with my uncle to learn Latin music and Jazz. Several years of practice, several bands at school, I started my career in bars and festivals at the age of 17 with cover and tribute bands as well as with many famous artists in Quebec. 

Influenced by Led Zeppelin, Harmonium, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Guns n Roses, Alice in Chains, The Cult and Nine Inch Nails, his compositions are a mix of Alternative Rock Electro Pop. He often works with an acoustic or electronic drums dubbed with his Beatbox DrumBrute. He also explores the world of sound synthesis and synthesizers.

Since then, over 30 years of experience and over 2000 shows, I'm still a very active musician and works in my own recording studio. Composer-performer & audio technician since 1998 I graduated from Musitechnic Academy in 2011 in audio production technique and sound design. 

ARTISTS I work with

Here are some artists I’ve worked with...

Either as a MUSICIAN or as a studio audio TECHNICIAN or Live

• X-Tasy • Virtual Lies • Robert Stanley (Harmonium) • 

• Pascale Picard • Hugo Lapointe • Steve Veilleux (Kaïn)

• Eric Maheu (Kaïn) • William Deslauriers • Bob Bisonnette •

• Dédé Traké • The Dope Show (Tribute to Marylin Manson)

• Jagged Littles Piles (Tribute to Alanis Morissette) • Antagonist •  

• Monique Fauteux (Harmonium• André Proulx • Jérôme Lemay •

• France Castel • Jenny Rock • Jean Fabert • Emilie Aubry •

• Rick Hughes • Yanick Boivin • Carl Tremblay • Jimi James •

 • Gueule de Bois • Sandy Grenier • Oliver Beaulieu •

 • Charlypop • Charlène Blanchette • Caltâr Bateaux • Subb • 

• Marco et les Torvis • Rosie and the Bad boys • Yes PAPA •

• Voltz • L’Enfer • Emilie Aubry • Many More • EXTERIO •

 • Rock 'N Time • Chorale Porte-Bonheur • Renard Blanc •

 • Run Jeremy Run • For Those About To Rock (Tribute to AC/DC)

• Marthe Laverdière • Mathieu Provencal • Pascal Maillou •

• Landy Rose • Trouble (Tribute to Pink)

• PL Belal • Elie Gagné • 4 the Party • 

Updated : September 2022

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